Ok, I’m back.

The past few months have been productive and exciting. Back in December, I landed with my friends at none other than ART BASEL MIAMI. I couldn’t have imagined a Fine Art venue of this magnitude (the largest, most significant in US). The entire time I was surrounded by the giants that inspired me. Works from Picasso, Monet, Kandinsky, Rivera, Miro, Klee, Pollock, Krasner, Warhol, Basquiat, Brassai, Lichtenstein, Le Corbusier, de Kooning, Rothko, Bacon, (insert entire art history book), etc. There were also the alive ones: Koons, Christo, Botero, Frankenthaler, Stella, Ruscha, Hirst, Wiley, Condo, LaChapelle, Kapoor, etc.  I even small talked Steve Martin and Adrien Brody. Great guys. When I came back in town, I was inspired to push my visual boundaries and went to work large canvases.

In other news, I was recently in a juried show at The South Gallery, Scan Design and also displayed during the Jacksonville Art Walks at my Studio 111 Gallery. There are a few more events coming up so I will return to keep you guys updated.

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