Basel Miami 2012

As usual, we made our annual pilgrimage to Art Basel Miami Beach and once again everything was swank, swell and dandy. The beautiful art, the people, the beach, Wynwood, nightlife, convoys of Ferraris etc, all was nothing short of amazing.  Finishing an exhausting day lounging in the park on these orange beanbags (I think made from Cristo’s endless orange canvas) littering that cool grass among towering palms with a gentle night breeze rolling through, lulling ourselves asleep while watching the Marriage of Figaro projected on the walls of the New World Symphony at 3 am and still waking in the hotel room, just across the street ( great run-on sentence, btw ). I say we did well. Then Wynwood… another monster.  Until next time, people peeps. Art Basel MiamiJean DubuffetPicassoKohei NawaulvmeBeatriz MilhazeschromeRichard PhillipsDirk SkreberGeorge CondoIvan NavarroLeandro ErlichWynwooddetailWynwood WallsJeff SotoShepard Faireywyn6wyn4how&nosmRon English

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